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Strategi Pengembangan Kentang Di Dataran Rendah

Made Deviani Duaja dan Jasminarni

Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Jambi



Made Deviani Duaja  dan Jasminarni

Agriculture Faculty, Jambi University



The Strategy of  potatoes expansion  at  lowlands area

The potato cultivation in the highland area now has been restricted due to the facts of small area that suitable for potato cropping.  The suitable land, are purposed to be    conservation practice. Therefore, to increase potato yield could be   established by the expansion to the lowlands area. But   in the lowlands has been restricted by   the negative effects of high temperatures for tuber formation and the lack of well adapted cultivars.

Those limitations could be overcome by finding the well cultivars that could be adapted in the lowland, and manipulating the physiomorphology. Hence,   the first trial aim is to find the well adapted cultivars and the second  is to find indigenous   Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi (AMF)  from potato   rhizosphere, from the origin lands (Central potato cultivation in the highlands, Kayu Aro, Kabupaten Kerinci)

The first trial is the experiment that the aim is to observe the adapted cultivars.  The treatments is cultivars introduction:  Granola ( I), the origin   tuber is   Pangalengan’s   (G2), DTO-28 and , Atlantic’s.  The local variety are Granola (II), the tubers from Kerinci (G3),  and Eigenheimer’s. This experiment used Randomized Block Design.

The results shows that   the highest  numbers of leaves, source strength, sinc strength, tuber weight per plant, numbers of tubers,  and tuber growth rate is  achieved by Granola (I) cultivars.  Furthermore, the time for first tuber initiation is also shown by   Granola I cultivars. That means, cultivars Granola I is apparently adapted in lowlands.

The second trial is the experiment that aim to isolate, characterize  and purificate  the  AMF from the soil samples that came from rhizosphere of the potato.  The soil  in this trial is    taken from Kerinci. The results  from trapping cultures shows that  only one genus of AMF is found  namely Glomus that consist of    9 strains.

Key Words  : potatoes, lowlands, strategy


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