Hasil Penelitian


Isolation and Characterization  of Arbuscular Micorrhize Fungi 

(AMF ) at  Some Dominant Plant Rhizosphere  at  Kebun Percobaan, Agriculture Faculty, University of  Jambi .

1Made Deviani Duaja  dan 1Jasminarni


Every plant’s rhizospheres in any ecosystem has various living microorganisms, including Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungi (AMF). An isolation and characterization is required to investigate the species or type of the AMF.  This research aim is  to explain the isolation and characterization of AMF sporulation in dominant plant which is  planted at Kebun Percobaan of  Agriculture Faculty.  The method uses descriptive-explorative. Soil samples were collected by stratified random sampling  in some dominants plant rhizosphere.

The results of evaluation on soil samples  shows  that: 1)    one genus of AMF (Glomus sp.) is identified     in  rhizosphere   of  Soya bean, Corn,  Palm, Tomatoes and Alang-alang  rhizosphere; 2)  Acaulspora sp. and  Glomus sp. is found in bananas, Red Chilly and Potatoes.   Furhermore  3)     Gigaspora sp.,   is  identified in Manggis Rhizosphere.



Key words:  isolation, characterization, purification, Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungi




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